To celebrate TED’s 20th Anniversary we’re holding a series of online events. Join us here to journey through twenty years of TED in photos, essays and film.

Reverse Forward: 20 Years of TED Research, a film by Sophie Politowicz (UK)

This short film marks the 2016 anniversary of 20 years of Textiles Environment Design research. A creative montage of illustrative archive footage and interviews, Reverse Forward highlights key developments in TED’s history and sets out its aims, challenges and achievements along the way.

Looking outwards from the nucleus of design roles concerning sustainability, the film focuses on circular models and mindsets, using ‘the circle’ as a visual trope to represent the group’s conceptual processes. Contributors include those practitioners, academics and teachers who have been involved with TED. Reverse Forward describes the impact of environmental issues relating to textile production, use and disposal. It outlines TED’s identity and position within the current framework of academic research, looks back to its origins within the context of UAL and then swings forward to identify future possibilities for its networks with education and industry. Promoting sustainable practice, TED highlights its commitment to circular thinking and ever-evolving design strategies for change.

One picture a day

Leading up to the Circular Transitions Conference on 23–24 November, we will post a series images. The twenty pictures represent significant moments on our practice based research journey – exploring and defining ways of creating a more sustainable textile industry.

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