Clara Vuletich
Associate Researcher

Clara Vuletich is an Associate Researcher at TED and has been involved with TED as a Research Assistant and PhD Researcher since 2007. Clara is a designer, researcher and writer who explores the intersections of fashion and textile design, sustainability and well-being through creative practice. Clara is completing a PhD funded by the MISTRA Future Fashion project, investigating textile making and thinking in a sustainable fashion context. Her main research interest is exploring the ‘social’ rather than ‘technical’ role of the designer in creating systemic change in the fashion industry – the new roles, skills and methods for socially-engaged design practice.

Clara has taught and lectured within the UK, Hong Kong and Australia, and exhibited her textile work internationally. Clara was a Visiting PhD Fellow at University Technology Sydney (UTS) from 2013-2015, and is now based in Sydney, Australia.


Research Interests


Clara’s research (re) defines sustainability as transitions, a human-centred process of change across the material, social and psychological levels of the fashion industry. Clara’s PhD is titled Transitionary Textiles: a practice-based exploration of textile design roles and values in sustainable fashion, and explores new roles for designers ‘beyond the cloth’ in transitionary design practice; and the importance of values in sustainable design. Clara is also interested in creative research methods for textile and fashion design including reflective writing and auto-ethnography.


Key Expertise


Sustainable Design, Textile Design Process and Thinking, Systems/Ecological Thinking, Design Facilitation, Values and Worldviews 


Most Recent Published Work



  • Vuletich, C. (2014) Inner/Outer Jacket, Textile Toolbox exhibition tour
  • Vuletich, C (2012) Design for Change bags and film, VF Futurewear exhibition, USA



  • Earley, R., Hardridge, P., Vuletich, C. and Andersen, K. (Forthcoming 2016) ‘A new ‘T’ for Textiles: Training Design Researchers to inspire Buying Office Staff towards Sustainability at Hennes & Mauritz (H & M)’, The Design Journal, Special Issue for the EAD Conference 2015, vol. 19, Issue 2
  • Earley, R., Goldsworthy, K., Politowicz, K., Vuletich, C. and Ribul, M. (2015) The Textile Toolbox: New Design Thinking, Materials and Processes for Sustainable Textiles in a Fashion Context: MISTRA End of Award Report, Sweden
  • Earley, R., & Vuletich, C. (2015) Holistic Fashion Design, in Fashion Design for the Curious: Why Study Fashion, Vaidya, K. (ed.), Uni. of Canberra, Australia
  • Vuletich, C (2014) Sustainable Textile Design as Bricolage’ Proceedings for In a Reverse Fashion: A Critical Agenda for Sustainable Fashion seminar, Centre for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Vuletich, C. (2013) ‘We Are Disruptive: New practices for the textile/fashion designer in the Supply Chain’. Proceedings for EAD10 Crafting the Future, European Academy of Design Conference, Sweden

Conferences & Presentations

  • 2015, Right/Left Brain: Creating Balance in Design & Life, Tamworth Textile Triennial, Sydney Australia
  • 2014,Toxic Impacts of Fashion. Flourish Festival, Sydney, Australia.
  • Vuletich C. (2010), Digital Craft for Sustainability, Waste in the City programme, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia
  • Vuletich C. (2010), TED: Making Theory Into Textiles, Fashion & Textile Courses, RMIT University, Australia
  • Vuletich C. (2010), Slow Design: An Emerging Design Practice, Slow Textiles Conference, Stroud International Textile Festival, Stroud




Twitter: @ClaraVuletich

Vuletich Clara

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