We are a world leading practice-based textile design research team who are using innovative methods to inspire and facilitate a more sustainable fashion and textile industry.

Our extensive knowledge of the latest activity within sustainable fashion/textiles, combined with our expertise in material and product design/development, means we are able to work with a unique, hands-on approach to facilitate positive change.

We are designers and makers ourselves, so we understand the motivations and skills of textile/fashion designers, and also the barriers to achieving more sustainable outcomes.

THE TEN, our set of ten sustainable design strategies for fashion and textiles, is being shared and tested with a range of stakeholders including design teams, textile and garment manufacturers, fashion brands, educational institutions, and research organisations.


“We discovered that working with Becky and her team using TED's ideas offered a really informative, inspiring and accessible way for our designers to grasp the broad landscape of sustainable design. In a short space of time we found creative ways to make product and service innovations.” Johan Ward, H&M

“THE TEN provides designers and design students with a powerful framework for unpacking the complex, and often bewildering context of sustainable design.” Dr Jonathan Chapman, University of Brighton, PUMA Sustainable Design Collection

“We have been much inspired to include TED's TEN in the "NICE Code of Conduct and Manual for the Fashion and Textile Industry" as a concrete and recommended tool for designers to work with under the UN Global Compact umbrella.” Jonas Eder-Hansen, Nordic Initiative for Clean and Ethical (NICE)

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