TED's Ten:4 – Design to Reduce Energy and Water Use

Energy consumption and water usage in the textile industry are extremely high and occur at each stage of the lifecycle of textiles – at the production stage, in the use phase (where consumers use and care for textiles and garments) and at the end stage (which covers either disposal and/or re use of the material.

“ 60% of the total energy consumption in the lifecycle of a t-shirt occurs in the use phase. i.e washing, ironing, drying ” (Allwood et al, 2006)


In the production phase:

  • Exhaust printing and dyeing
  • Dry patterning systems
  • Air-dyeing
  • Distributed manufacture

In the use phase:

  • Design for no/low launder
  • ‘Short life’ textiles
  • Technical coatings to reduce washing
  • Innovative and informative labeling
  • Localisation
  • Natural energy systems

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